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Am Fluss

Am Fluss

Idylischer Flusslauf

Places to go:

From Neuried there are many places to go for a daytrip:

The Europapark in Rust (a huge family amusement park) is a great place for the whole family. But there are many other places to go within an one hour drive such as the nearby Black Forest with the Steinvasenpark (a family park), the Feldberg (the highest peak of the Black Forest), the valley of the river Kinzig and Schutter, the Vogtsbauernhof (an open air museum with traditional old Black Forest farm houses), the waterfall of Triberg, the glass factory (museum) in Wolffach, the Kniebies nature park, the medieval old town of the city of Freiburg, the city of Baden-Baden with its famous spas and the world famous casino, the border city Kehl and the Kaiserstuhl (a famous wine region).

Just across the famous river Rhine it only takes a ten-minute-drive to reach the French region Alsace. Cites like Strasbourg, Colmar, Mullhouse and Obernai or attractions such as the Eco museum (an open air museum), the Schlumpmuseum (a famous car museum with one of the biggest collections of Bugatti and other oldtimer), the Hochkönigsburg (a famous medieval castle) and the monkey mountain (an animal park) invite the open minded visitor.

But Neuried has also a lot to offer:

A large network of bicycle lanes invite you to bike tours through the nearby mountains, there are many hiking trails through the fields or the river forest along the Rhine (which looks a little bit like a jungle) and there are also many lakes for swimming or windsurfing and not to forget the wild romantic side arms of the river Rhine which are perfect for canoeing.

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